Required documents for students with SLD

In order to benefit from the services, you need to provide an SLD certificate, valid for study purposes.

If issued in Italy

If issued in Italy, the certificate must:

  • clearly refer to ICD-10 code F81 and/or disorder designation (Dyslexia and/or Dysorthographia and/or Dysgraphia and/or Dyscalculia)
  •  have a date of issue that does not exceed 3 years from the moment of the pre-registration; certifications issued after reaching the age of 18 years are valid regardless of the date of issue
  • be issued by the National Health Service or by specialists or private accredited healh-care structures, if recognised by the Italian regions (until today, Piedmont has not accredited any health-care structures or specialists). In order to be accepted, a diagnosis given by private specialists needs to be validated by the National Health Service.


Certifications of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), if do not confirm SLD, do not allow to be accepted and benefit from the services offered by UniTO, because they are recognised by the current legislation (as regards university career).

If issued abroad

If issued abroad, the certificate must:

  • clearly certify one or more Specific Learning Disabilities (Learning Disability: Dyslexia and/or Dysorthographia and/or Dysgraphia and/or Dyscalculia)
  • If the certificate is not written in Italian, a sworn translation in Italian or English is necessary