Entering UniTO for students with SLD

It is possible to arrange a meeting at Ufficio Studenti con Disabilità e DSA (in June and July), in order to plan the beginning of your study at UniTO, check your documents and get information about the pre-registration procedure and all the available tools and supports.


To arrange a meeting, send an e-mail to

Admission to courses with a restricted number of places at the School of Management and Economics

You have to sit a mandatory test (TOLC-E or English TOLC-E), choosing one of several dates available from April 2019; check the page regarding the enrolment procedure and read the instructions in "Admission tests to the degree courses at the Department of Management and Department of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences"

Admission to all the other courses with a restricted number of places

Read the information about the courses with a restricted number of places.

  • Pre-register online following the procedure, after having read the call for admission, which contain all the instructions on how to apply properly (meet the deadline!), the day of the admission test, the exam topics, etc.
  • If you need support and/or additional time, remember to fill in the form that you find in the online procedure. Aids that you may request, depending on the diagnosis, are:
    • extra time (30% more) in exams
    • a calculator
    • a human reader, which will read the questions in the test
    • only in the case when a free writing test is required, computers with word processors and spell checkers can be used
  • You must attach online (compulsorily) the SLD certification.
Admission to courses without restricted number of places

Read the information about the courses without restricted number of places. Enrolment on all degree courses without a restricted number of places must be preceded by the mandatory test TARM (Test for the Assessment of Minimum Requirements).

Required documents

In order to ask for support and/or extra time in admission tests, TOLC-E or TARM, you need toprovide a Specific Learning Disability certification in accordance with the Italian Law 170/2010 (riferimento ICD-10 code F81 e/o disorder designation) issued by the National Health Service or by specialists or private accredited healh-care structures, if recognised by the Italian regions (until today, Piedmont has not accredited any health-care structures or specialists). In order to be accepted, a diagnosis given by private specialists needs to be validated by the National Health Service.


The date of issue cannot exceed 3 years from the moment of the pre-registration. For the academic year 2019-2020, UniTo will accept diagnoses issued from January 1st, 2016.

A certification issued after reaching the age of 18 years is valid regardless of the date of issue (in accordance with MIUR’s Guidelines for people with SLD attached to D.M. 12/07/11).


Certifications of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), if do not confirm SLD, do not allow to ask for support, because they are not recognised by the current legislation (as regards university career).