Entering UniTO for students with SLD

If you want to enrol on a University of Turin course, you might have to take an admission test or TOLC@Casa.


If you have a disability certificate, you can request additional support and/or time, although you should read the validity criteria beforehand under the heading "Certificate required".


The relevant University offices will check that your documents entitle you to the support you need.


Make sure you’ve planned everything carefully before you start at UniTo and feel free to contact: [email protected] for more information.

[email protected] admission tests for courses with local quotas and local ranking

You are advised to go to the Enrolment procedure (see also the Italian version) section for more detailed information about the obligatory test online (TOLC@Casa), available from April 2021.


You should consult the Enrolment procedure page for courses with local quotas which are not included in TOLC@Casa tests.

Admission tests for courses with national quotas

Read the Enrolment procedure section carefully concerning courses with national quotas.  Read the Application guidelines carefully about how to submit your application correctly as well as information concerning the test date and exam topics, etc.  Make a note of the deadlines.

TARM for enrolment in courses with no quotas

If you want to enrol on the no-quota Bachelor's degree courses or single-cycle Master's degree course in Law, you must take the TARM (Minimum Requirements Assessment Test) which will be available via the CISIA TOLC for the academic year 2021-22.  


Find out which TOLC you'll have to do on the Registrations page as well as checking the CISIA website for the test dates.  


When you sign up for TOLC on the CISIA website you must also decide which TOLC to take, where you can take it and when. 

Both TOLC at University (in presence) and TOLC@Casa (online) are valid for enrolment purposes in the academic year 2021-2022 if they are dated after January 1, 2020.


Once you have taken TOLC, you can enrol in the degree course of your choice. 


If your TOLC score is below the accepted threshold, you will be given an Additional Credit Obligation (OFA) which is defined by each course. See degree programs for more details.


You don’t need to take the TARM if you:

  • change course one year after the first year
  • have been admitted to the first or following years
  • already have a degree and are enrolled for extra credits
  • have taken an admission test for a quota restricted course (either through TOLC or other tests) and then decide to enrol in a no-quota course.

In order to take the tests for quota restricted degree courses (TOLC@Casa or admission test) you must:

  1. pre-register online as required in the procedure or application
  2. fill in the relevant section in the online procedure if you need special assistance and / or extra time
  3. upload your SLD certificate during application (one file in .pdf format)
Certificate required

If you need extra support and / or time during the TOLC@Casa or admission test you must hold a valid SLD certificate as per Law 170/2010 with reference ICD-10 code F81.0-.1-.2- .3-.8 (dysgraphia) and / or disorder name. This must be indicated in the MIUR Guidelines attached to DM 5669/2011 and issued by the National Health Service or SLD certificate accredited facilities or specialists when required by the Regions. It is your responsibility to provide valid documentation proving that the accredited facilities or specialists are recognised service providers if the certificate they issue does not explicitly carry this information. Diagnoses by unaccredited specialists or private facilities must have National Health Service approval in order to be accepted.


The certificate must not be dated more than three years prior to pre-enrolment, although the University still considers certificates valid which were issued after 1 January 2018 for the academic year 2021-2022. Certificates issued once the candidate has reached 18 are valid regardless of when the certificate is dated.


Owing to the Covid-19 health emergency, the University will admit SLD candidate requests even if their certificates are older, although it reserves the right to request the required documentation as soon as the NHS returns to operating normally.


If Special Educational Needs certificates (EES or BES) do not indicate the candidate’s SLD, they cannot be accepted as request for support as current university legislation does not recognise them