Scholarships and Fees


Every year the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research assigns funding for doctoral-level scholarships. In addition to Ministry funding, additional funds may be covered by  agreements with third parties. Scholarships are awarded according to a merit-based system. When you apply for a PhD position advertised in the call for applications you may also apply for a scholarship. No separate application is necessary. 

Application fees

Applicants will have to pay the application fee according to the University Regulation of Taxes and Contribution. Foreign students may exempt from the payment of application fees, please kindly check the relevant call for admission to PhD Programmes. Application fees will not be returned.

Tuition fees

Information on tuition fees for admission to PhD Programmes are to be found in the University Regulation of Taxes and Contribution. Deadlines and amounts due will be displayed in your My UniTO account. It is the responsibility of all students to print the payment application and make sure they pay fees within the advertised deadline.