How to apply for PhD programmes

If you want to apply for a PhD position in Italy, you have to participate to a competitive public selection as advertised yearly in a call for applications.

Step 1 - Collect information and apply on line

All information on entry requirements, required documentation and guidelines can be found on the call for applications of every PhD Programme.

If you apply for the very first time, you must register into the UniTO portal. 

Fill in the application form (annex 3) and read the Online application guidelines available in the section "Attachments".

Step 2 - Assessment

Entrance examinations include the assessment of qualifications carried out by the examination board alone (you do not need to come to the University for this assessment). Other examinations may consist of a written examination and/or interview (which can also be conducted via internet).

Further details are available on the call for applications.

Step 3 - Results

Once the results of the entrance examinations are published, you will need to accept or decline the offer of a position within the advertised deadline.


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