Prospective PhD students

PhD programme at UniTO

UniTO offers a wide range of PhD programmes encompassing all scientific disciplines, except Engineering and Architecture.  


Length of a PhD programme is 3 years or 4 years with full-time enrolment. Each new year of enrolment is called “Ciclo” (cycle). 


Generally, it is expected that, as a PhD applicant, you demonstrate a solid capacity to initiate, conduct and evaluate original independent research, an advanced understanding of the discipline you work on, relevant transferable skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, ability to cooperate and disseminate results.


Indeed, research activity usually requires an advanced ability to carry out independent work, although students are provided with guidance and support by their assigned academic supervisors. 
Once your doctoral path has concluded, you shall present the results of your work by writing a thesis and defending it in an oral examination.


Applications for PhD positions are open to students of all age and nationality who obtained a second level degree (Master’s Degree level) which gives access to PhD studies. 
The University of Turin selects prospective PhD students through annual open competitions which involve entrance examinations. All information on admission requirements, examinations, PhD programmes, number of positions with or without scholarships are outlined in an official notice called "Call for applications" (Bando di concorso). The call is generally issued in Spring. 
It is only possible to submit an application to PhD Programmes in reply to a Call for applications

Career prospects

With PhD training you can further widen your career prospects. The expertise gained during PhD studies are not only essential for careers in academia or as specialist researchers in public and private organisations but there are also in high demand with employers in numerous work sectors.