Eligibility of foreign degrees

Recognition of eligibility of foreign qualifications for admission into PhD Programmes

All university degrees that have been judged suitable and equivalent, in terms of duration of academic curriculum, university credits and level of degree, can grant access to Italian 3rd cycle university programmes (PhD).Italian universities have the power to make autonomous decisions about the suitability and equivalence of foreign degrees for admission to the PhD programme of choice.


How to obtain a recognition of eligibility in order to apply for PhD programmes

Applicants whose foreign Degree has not been declared equivalent to an Italian degree must submit durig the application the documentation listed below. 

  • Official Certificates of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (with translation into Italian, where applicable, if not in English)
  • Official Transcripts of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (with translation into Italian, where applicable, if not in English)
  • Diploma Supplement attached to the official University Degree or "Dichiarazione di valore in loco" (Declaration of value or statement of validity) from your local Italian embassy/consulate. 

After the closure of call for PhD applications, the Doctoral Board will evaluate qualifications obtained abroad and decide, on a case by case basis, whether the qualifications under examination are comparable to the Italian degrees which give access to that specific PhD Programme. If the outcome is positive, their application will be then assessed for the admission to the doctorate.

It is important to keep in mind that this kind of recognition of eligibility is valid only for admission into the PhD programme entrance examination. Obtaining the recognition does not mean passing the selection

It is therefore essential to submit all complete documentation in order to give the Doctoral Board enough elements to evaluate qualifications correctly. 


Applicants with recognition from Italian Universities

Applicants who already hold an official document issued by an Italian University stating that their foreign degree is equivalent to an Italian degree can apply directly to the PhD competition and must submit both the original qualification and the official Italian declaration of eligibility with their application. 

Please bear in mind that the primary source of information on the documentation to submit in order to apply is the yearly Call for applications. 

Detailed information on documentation to submit for the competition will be then available on the following web pages. Please read them carefully.


General information on full recognition of your foreign degree(s) in Italy is available on Cimea website (general info). 

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