Thesis and award of PhD Degree

Submission of thesis

Upon the conclusion of the PhD course, you must present a copy of your completed thesis to the Doctoral Board for the evaluation of your research results. If your work meets the requirements of a PhD, you will be admitted to the oral examination.

The requirements for the preparation, style, language, formatting and submission of thesis for assessment are set out by each PhD course. It is important that PhD students consult with their supervisor and PhD Coordinator about any specific guidelines. Only for the Thesis Title Page it is required to use the template available on the Documents section on the right.


The date, time and nomination of examiners of the oral examination is scheduled with the Doctoral Board and is open to the public. You will defend your thesis to an examination committee.

Upon a successful outcome of the oral examination, students are awarded the PhD degree on the same day.

Deposit of thesis

After the oral examination and the award of the degree, you are required to submit digital copies of your thesis for lodging in the National Libraries of Rome, Florence and Turin. No hard bound copy is required.

Submission of theses must be made to the PhD Office (Ufficio Dottorati) no later than 15 calendar days after their oral examination. 

You must submit the following documents (see Documents section on the right):

  1. an affidavit form ("Dichiarazione sostitutiva dell’atto di notorietà") in which you state the authorship of the thesis
  2. a photocopy of your ID/passport
  3. two separate digital copies of the thesis either on CD or DVD. The thesis must be saved in PDF only and the CD/DVD should include any supplementary file necessary to read the text (font, images, tables...). The CD/DVD should be contained in a hard case complete with cover page
PhD parchment

Only after you have deposited the thesis, you can apply for the collection of the PhD Degree Parchment.

Documents to submit to the Phd Office:

  • PhD parchment application form
  • Receipt of payment of parchment fee (66,26 €). You can request your personal payment form to the PhD Office. Please note that for PhD cycles up to 22nd only, a fictitious matriculation number 99999 – has been recorded to be used for payments). Payments can be made at any Italian banks

As soon as the degree parchment is ready, you can collect it:

  • personally
  • you can assign another person to collect it for you. The assigned person must present a written authorization and ID/passport
  • by courier services. Degree Parchments will be mailed out at your own expenses. You are kindly advised to notify the PhD Office with the exact date and time when the courier will collect the parchment.

In case you concluded your PhD before 1999, visit the Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca webpage.