Current PhD students


Research at the University of Torino is a full-time commitment. PhD students should always seek the approval of their supervisor for holidays and short periods of absence from their research study. The main place of research and study is the Department of their supervisor or other approved institutions.

Each PhD student will be allocated an expert supervisor at the beginning of their PhD course. Supervisors provide advice, guidance and guidelines about the research project and the submission of theses. An induction programme is provided to all new PhD students.



In addition to regular monitoring, at the end of each academic year PhD students are required to submit an annual progress report on their research activity. Upon positive assessment of their research work, PhD students can re-enrol for a new academic year.

The exact procedures and timing for the submission of this report differs between PhD Programmes, so you are kindly advised to enquire directly with your supervisor and Doctoral Board about the details. Below you will find some general information:

  • PhDs up to 29th cycle included (with yearly starting date 1st January and finishing date 31st December) submission of annual report is due between 1st November – 30th November of each year. Fees must be paid and re-enrolment made by no later than 31st December
  • PhDs from 30th cycle onwards (with yearly starting date 1st November and finishing date 31st October) deadlines will be announced in the course of next year
  • Cotutelle PhDs re-enrolment is compulsory for both incoming and out-coming students. Deadlines for submission of the progress report depend on the cycle to which you belong (see above)

Students will receive notification of the need to re-enrol and guidelines to apply from the PhD Office.

Depending on your fee status, your re-enrolment can be formalised as follows:

  • Fee-exempt students: please submit a compiled re-enrolment form together with a revenue stamp (“Marca da Bollo”) of 16,00 € to the International PhD Office (see contact details below). Only paper signed copies will be accepted.
  • Fee-paying students: download the MAV form available on your personal web page on MyUnito. Re-enrolment is confirmed once the payment has been registered on the University online system. You do not need to submit any receipt of payment or application form to the PhD Office.
Working during a research degree

The priority of students is the completion of the research degree. Students may be involved, with the approval of the Doctoral Board, in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, lecturing, tutoring and, where applicable, clinical duties.

Any other work activity not related to their research requires the approval of the Doctoral Board.


Changes to enrolment

Students are expected to complete their programme within the regular period set out by Ministry regulations and on a continuous basis. Suspension and extensions of this period can only be permitted if exceptional circumstances arise. It is the responsibility of the student to report their supervisor, the Doctoral Board and the PhD Office as soon as possible of any circumstances that may delay their research activity.

Extension to submission of thesis (this regulation applies only up to 28th cycle included): should you encounter circumstances that seriously delay you from completing your thesis by the required deadline, the Doctoral Board may grant you an extension of a maximum of twelve months for writing-up period. The extension is granted only once. No scholarship is awarded for the extension and no fees or re-enrolment application are due.

PhDs from 29th cycle onwards: pursuant to new Italian Law dated 8th February 2013 it is not possible to apply for any extension to the submission of the thesis.

Suspension: A suspension of the PhD course may be permitted for maternity/paternity leave, military and civil service, serious certified illness and other compelling grounds. Any application for suspension of study must be approved by the Doctoral Board.

During a period of suspension, enrolment and scholarships are suspended and no fees are payable.


Maternity Leave

PhD students are entitled to take 5 months compulsory maternity leave. It can start either two or one months before the expected date of birth and end three or four months after childbirth. Maternity leave may begin at any time should there exist any risk. Following the compulsory absence, an additional period of maximum 7 months may be taken if approved by the PhD Programme Board.

Your registration will be suspended and the end date of the PhD Programme will be extended by a period equal to your maternity leave. If you are in receipt of a scholarship, you can choose to either continue to be paid or suspend the scholarship until you resume your studies. 

You should notify the University as soon as possible. Notification should be sent to the “Servizio Prevenzione” (Health and Safety Office) of your discipline area, PhD Office, Coordinator of the PhD Programme and the Head of your place of employment (laboratory, department, etc…) within the University. All forms are available on the University Intranet under “Maternità” and should be submitted together with a medical certificate confirming the expected date of birth.

For further details and information on paternity leave please contact the office directly.