UniTo Listening Space


Online interviews with psychologists qualified to psychotherapy, specialists and students in specialist training of the Department of Psychology are foreseen. They are provided ensuring maximum privacy protection and respecting ethical principles of the psychological profession.


To access the interviews you need to fill in the online form, which allows you to be contacted promptly, arrange an appointment and receive instructions about online connection.

What it is

UniTO Listening Space is a psychological counseling service which aims to improve life quality in UniTO.

Who is it for

UniTO Listening Space is addressed to UniTO staff (academic and administrative) and students living situations of hardship or psycho-physical distresses that can have consequences on their work and study quality.

What it offers

UniTO Listening Space offers support and guide to the analysis, the management of the critical issues experienced and the development of useful resources for a good-quality work and university life.

How it works

The service is free and provides a interview cycle, up to five, with psychologists qualified to psychotherapy, specialists and School of Health Psychology students in specialist training of Department of Psychology.


Listening Space users can trust the complete protection of privacy and the respect of the professional ethics of Order of Psychologists.