Online and on-site libraries services

Last update: 11th January 2022

You can access University facilities only if you respect all four following rules:

  1. you hold a Green Pass (COVID-19 green certification) to show in case of checks. Exemptions are provided for:

    -whoever has a certified and valid exemption for SARS-COV-2 vaccine, the certification must be sent to [email protected]

    - whoever is waiting for receiving/updating their Green Pass from National platform DGC or holds a different Green Pass certification granted by a non-EU country. In these cases you need to write to [email protected] to verify documents showing the conditions for receiving the Green Pass.

  2. you can declare:
    • for at least two weeks to have been without any respiratory symptoms, or those of loss of smell or taste and/or a body temperature above 37.5°C, and - in suspected or positive cases of SARS-COv2 infection – to have complied with the instructions provided by the Ministry of Health
    • not to be in quarantine or fiduciary isolation
    • if you have been in contact with a COVID-19 infected person, to have respected quarantine instructions provided by the health authorities
    • if returning from abroad, to have followed the Piedmont Region Covid instructions
  3. you wear a surgical mask  or a FFP2 face mask;
  4. you trace your presence in the University:
    • students have to book lessons with “Student Booking” or other booking systems for libraries, study rooms and professor office hours. The Qr Code scanning is not required if there are other tracking methods in place.
    • professors and researchers have to scan the Qr Code posted at each facility
    • administrative staff have to clock in. It is necessary to trace your presence with Qr Code in case of moving to a location other than your own.

Who carries out work and research activities in face-to-face mode has some obligations to fulfil: visit Back to UniTo: access to University venues.


Libraries are open for loan, consultation and study service. You can access them by booking your seat using Affluences app. All the details are available on libraries websites. 
Information and bibliographic consultation services are still supplied remotely by mail and chat. 


Library staff offers the following remote services:

  • search assistance: support for information, documentation and sources retrieval
  • document delivery: activation of requests to other Italian and international libraries to receive digital documents.

Libraries collect the list of online platforms that let you access to ebooks and documents for free (digital solidarity).


It’s possible to access remotely to online magazines, ebooks and databases bought by UniTo through Bibliopass service.

List of remote library services
Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences Library


"Ferdinando Rossi" Medicine Federated Library
Norberto Bobbio Library


Economics and Management Library


Natural Sciences Libraries


Humanities Libraries


  • Chat: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m.  to 6 p.m. on the Humanities libraries website
  • List of emails from the Humanities Libraries