Measures for UniTO students, Professors and staff

Last update: 2nd March 2023
Requirements to access university facilities

You need to meet the following requirements in order to access the University facilities:

  1. not having any acute respiratory infections (cough and/or cold with difficulty breathing) and a body temperature above 37.5 °C. Staying in the premises of the University in case of minor respiratory symptoms and good general condition, in absence of fever, is allowed as long as you  wear a FFP2 mask, keep your hands clean and cover coughs and sneezes into your elbow
  2. not being subjected to fiduciary isolation provisions by health authorities
  3. having followed the Piedmont Region Covid instructions in case of return from abroad

The use of FFP2 respiratory protective equipment is an important and recommended device for preventing infection in indoor work environments shared by several people or open to public, whenever maintaining the interpersonal distance of 1 meter is not possible. Wearing FFP2 masks is always strongly recommended for certified fragile people.

figura maschile stilizzata mentre lavora al computer

Information on the measures provided by the University of Turin - based on national and regional instructions to manage the pandemic situation -  is available below. This information is therefore in progressive updating.


This extraordinary situation requires a strong sense of individual responsibility. Punctual and scrupulous compliance with the measures set by the authorities is recommended.

Studying in UniTO a.y. 2022-2023


Lessons are held in face-to-face mode. Booking their place in class is no longer needed.



Exams are held in face-to-face mode. 

Students can ask for exams in remote mode if they are in one of the following situations:

  • COVID-19 positivity
  • residence abroad, if they can’t arrive in Italy because of restrictions for international travels.

These conditions must be self-certified when booking the exam. 


Final dissertation 

Final dissertations are held in face-to-face mode. 


Multiple companions for each candidate are admitted at the final dissertation in presence, always maintaining the interpersonal distance of 1 meter, provided that the facilities allow it and always with the appropriate recommendations, respecting the maximum capacity of each classroom. Otherwise, the maximum number of companions allowed for each candidate remains fixed at 4. Other interested people can follow the dissertation remotely, in live streaming, by connecting in the day and time set for the event.

The use of suitable respiratory protective equipment is recommended for all participants unless otherwise indicated.


Students can ask for final dissertation in remote mode if they are in one of the following situations:

  • COVID-19 positivity
  • residence abroad, if they can’t arrive in Italy because of restrictions for international travels.


Professor Office Hours

Students and professors can meet in face-to-face mode, based on each professor's decision.

Each professor can decide to meet students only remotely.



Curricular traineeships in companies are usually held in face-to-face mode.

Activities can be held in a mixed mode (face-to-face and remotely), based on the decision of the academic tutor, only if the training objectives can be achieved anyway. Each academic tutor will also assess how many hours are held in face-to-face mode and how many remotely,  in case of mixed mode.


Curricular traineeships hosted in UniTo are usually held in face-to-face mode, based on the decision of each professor in charge.


Extracurricular traineeships activated by UniTo must respect laws of the Region where they are hosted. 


"In company final dissertation" activities

"In company final dissertation" activities are usually held in face-to-face mode.


Lab activities, in lab final dissertation and other practical activities

Lab activities, in lab final dissertation and the other practical activities in small groups are held face-to-face.


First and second level Specializing masters, Specialization courses

Teaching and curricular activities are held face-to-face.


Specialization schools and Phd students, grant holders, research fellows and similar figures

Teaching and practical activities are held face-to-face.

Part-time collaborations

Activities are held in face-to-face mode.

Students offices and desk, study rooms, libraries, university museums and historical archive
Students offices and desk

Students Registry Offices provide the service at a distance (help-desk, email).

All Students Registry Offices are open to the audience only by appointment for the following activities:

  • collecting certificates for abroad
  • collecting certificates for private use, not informatized records
  • collecting parchment
  • collecting smart card
  • collecting other documentation (i.e. original upper secondary school leaving certificate)
  • documentation delivery (i.e. training documents, thesis)
  • administrative consulting - career

You can book the appointment on Agenda of CampusNet in two different ways:

  • click on the icon "Sportello - Prenota appuntamento" in your MyUniTo
  • click on the icon "Sportello - Prenota appuntamento" available in the section "Studiare" in your study course/department website. You can follow the instructions available in Prenotazione appuntamento segreteria studenti. 

Please, arrive on time for your appointment, so as to avoid any inconvenience. Check out the Students registry offices page for more information.


Infopoint in Via Po 29 is open to the audience only by booking, writing to [email protected].

Check out the Infopoint page for more information.


Offices in Vicolo Benevello 3/a are open to the audience only by appointment:

  • State exams section (Sezione Esami di Stato), to get certificates and degree certificate, administrative counseling
  • Continuing education programs and Training of Secondary School Teachers (Sezione Post Laurea e Formazione Insegnanti Scuola Secondaria), to get certificates to be used abroad and degree certificate.

You have to:

  1. send a request by e-mail to the office (e-mail addresses are available at the page Sportelli per gli studenti - in Italian language)
  2. only after receiving the authorization, book an appointment on "CampusNet Agenda" following the instructions sent by Students registry offices staff.

Services are supplied by e-mail for all other activities.

Check out the Esami di Stato e Sportelli per gli studenti pages (in italian language) for more information.


The Specialization Schools Centre (Sezione Scuole di Specializzazione) is open to the audience only by appointment. You have to send a request by help-desk or e-mail to [email protected].

Check out the Scuole di Specializzazione page (in italian language) for more information.

Study rooms, libraries, shared spaces, university museums and historical archive

Libraries are open for loan, consultation and study activities. You can access them by booking your seat using Affluences app. Protection and prevention organizational measures against COVID-19 must be respected. All the details are available on libraries websites.

Information and bibliographic consultation services are still supplied remotely by mail and chat. 

Study rooms are open. Booking your seat isn’t needed. Maintaining a distance of at least one meter from each other is mandatory, except in the buildings where specific logistic or structure conditions don't allow it.

Eating and drinking is allowed only in the restricted and authorized areas. 

The Historical Archive is open to the public with access by booking. Follow the instructions published on the Historical Archive website.

Access to Palazzo degli Istituti anatomici museums (Anatomy Museum, Lombroso Museum, Fruit Museum) follows national rules.

Check access modes on websites: and


Missions must take into account the epidemiological trend of the places of destination, verifying from time to time the national and international rules and measures for safe travel. For abroad missions, check on the website of the Foreign Ministry Farnesina the "Entry requirements" section for all countries you will visit or travel through. Follow any recommendations also for the return.

Departmental, School, technical and scientific, degree programmes, all the University commitees related meetings

Meetings can be held in face-to- face mode, in remote mode or in a hybrid mode.

Events and conferences

Public conferences and events can be held in face-to-face mode only if there is a contact person identified by the organizing structure.

They must be authorized by the Rector (or other authorizing person) after approval by UniTo competent offices about specific organizational needs and they must comply with all the measures set.

Public selection procedures

Public selection procedures can be held in face-to-face mode, complying with the Requirements to access university facilities and the Guide Lines provided by Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica.

UniTo staff activities and training

Technical and administrative staff works in presence as ordinary way from 15th October 2021, complying with the measures provided by Protocollo di regolamentazione delle misure per il contrasto e il contenimento della diffusione del virus Covid-19 in Ateneo. 

UniTo staff training

UniTo staff training can be held in face-to-face mode, in remote mode and in a mixed mode, based on training needs and complying with the safety measures.