Measures for UniTO students, Professors and staff

Last update: 9th September
Requirements to access university facilities

From 1st September 2021, you can access University facilities only if:

  1. you hold a Green Pass (COVID-19 green certification) to show in case of checks 
  2. you can declare:
    • for at least two weeks to have been without any respiratory symptoms, or those of loss of smell or taste and/or a body temperature above 37.5°C, and - in suspected or positive cases of SARS-COv2 infection – to have complied with the instructions provided by the Ministry of Health
    • not to be in quarantine or fiduciary isolation;
    • for the last two weeks and as far as you know, not to have been in contact with people who are COVID-19 positive
    • if returning from abroad, to have followed the Piedmont Region Covid instructions
  3. you wear a surgical mask (or a higher level of protection);
  4. at the entrance, you trace your presence in the University by scanning the Qr Code posted at the entrance to each facility.

The fulfillment of the informative and training requirements is required to access University venues for work and research activities (check the page Back to UniTo: access University venues).



figura maschile stilizzata mentre lavora al computer

Information on the measures provided by the University of Turin - based on national and regional instructions to manage the pandemic situation -  is available below. This information is therefore in progressive updating.


Visit the webpage Back to UniTO: access to University venues for all information on how and when access to University venues is possible.


Face-to-face activities have to comply with the Protocollo di regolamentazione delle misure per il contrasto e il contenimento della diffusione del virus Covid-19 in Ateneo (access with SCU credentials).


This extraordinary situation requires a strong sense of individual responsibility. Punctual and scrupulous compliance with the health and hygiene measures set by the authorities is recommended.

Studying in UniTO a.y. 2020-21


Lessons and other face-to-face activities can gradually restart in face-to-face or mixed mode, based on each degree program Committee’s decision. It’s mandatory to book with Student Booking online service to attend lessons in face-to-face mode.

All lessons are always ensured in remote mode, synchronic mode (live video on Webex app) or asynchronous mode (recorded videos uploaded on Moodle sites).

More detailed information is available on the degree program web page (on the Department website) and on each course web page.



Oral and written exams can be held in face-to-face mode, based on each degree program Committee’s decision. Exams are always ensured in remote mode in case of vulnerability or if the student lives out of Piedmont Region.


Final dissertations

Final dissertations can be held in face-to-face mode, based on each degree program Committee’s decision. A limited number of spectators (3/4 maximum) can participate.

Final dissertations can be held in remote mode when grad students and/or supervisors can’t be present. 

Graduation ceremonies can be held in face-to-face-mode only if they are held at the same time as the final dissertations. All other graduation ceremonies with the public must be held in remote mode.


Professor Office Hours

Students and professors can meet in face-to-face mode, based on each professor's decision. 



Curricular traineeships - activated by University of Turin and held in Italy or abroad - can start and/or continue in face-to-face mode if authorized by the Department Director and if they can’t be done remotely.


Curricular traineeships hosted in medical facilities (Aziende Sanitarie Regionali) can start and/or continue in face-to-face mode for degree programs of the School of Medicine if the Strategic Divisions of hosting ASRs agree. Alternative traineeships modes can be found in collaboration with the ASRs.


Traineeships hosted in UniTO and activated by other organizations (curricular or Percorsi per le competenze trasversali PCTO) can restart in face-to-face mode if they can’t be held remotely and only after the authorization of the hosting Department Director.


Extracurricular traineeships follow regional rules. Visit Regione Piemonte website for traineeships hosted in Piemonte area.


Extracurricular traineeships abroad can start or continue even in face-to-face mode if they can't be held remotely.


"In company final dissertation" activities

"In company final dissertation" activities are allowed in face-to-face mode only for practical activities that cannot be done remotely. They must be authorized by the Department Director and by the final dissertation supervisor in agreement with the hosting company.


In laboratory final dissertation and lab activities

Students - who need to do final dissertation or teaching practical activities that can’t be done remotely - can restart activities in face-to-face mode. They must be authorized in advance by the Department Director and by the final dissertation supervisor complying with the measures to contain the spread-out of COVID-19 contagion by UniTO.



The activities in laboratories can be held in presence, after they receive authorization from the Department Director. The activities in presence require compliance with all organisational measures to contain the spread-out of COVID-19 contagion by following national and regional rules.


First and second level Specializing masters, Specialization courses

Activities can be held in face-to-face mode or remotely, based on each master decision. All lessons are granted remotely.


Specialization schools

Activities can be held in face-to-face mode, based on each school decision.


Phd students, grant holders, research fellows and similar figures

Only activities that can’t be done remotely or compulsory can be done in presence and only after approval from the Department Director.


Read indications on page Back to UniTO: access to University venues to access University venues.


Part-time collaborations

Activities can be held in face-to-face mode.

Students offices and desk, study rooms, libraries, university museums and historical archive
Students offices and desk

Students Registry Offices provide the service at a distance (help-desk, email).

All Students Registry Offices are open to the audience two days per week:

  • Tuesday Morning 10 a.m. -12 p.m.
  • Thursday Afternoon 1.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.

You can access the service only by appointment for the following activities:

  • collecting certificates for abroad
  • collecting certificates for private use, not informatized records
  • collecting parchment
  • collecting smart card
  • collecting other documentation (i.e. original upper secondary school leaving certificate)
  • documentation delivery (i.e. training documents, thesis)
  • administrative consulting - career

You can book the appointment on Agenda of CampusNet for your study course following the instructions, as reported in the document Prenotazione appuntamento segreteria studenti

Check out the Students registry offices page for more information.

Infopoint in Via Po 29 is open on Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You can access the service only by booking, writing to

Check out the Infopoint page for more information.

Offices in Vicolo Benevello 3/a reopen only by appointment:

  • State exams section (Sezione Esami di Stato), to get certificates and degree certificate
  • Continuing education programs and Training of Secondary School Teachers (Sezione Post Laurea e Formazione Insegnanti Scuola Secondaria), to get certificates to be used abroad and degree certificate.

You can access the services only by booking. You have to:

  1. send a request by e-mail to the office (e-mail addresses are available at the page Sportelli per gli studenti - in Italian language)
  2. only after receiving the authorization, book an appointment on "CampusNet Agenda" following the instructions sent by Students registry offices staff.

Services are supplied by e-mail for all other activities.

Check out the Esami di Stato e Sportelli per gli studenti pages (in italian language) for more information.


The Specialization Schools Centre (Sezione Scuole di Specializzazione) is open only by appointment. You have to send a request by help-desk or e-mail to

Check out the Scuole di Specializzazione page (in italian language) for more information.

Study rooms, libraries, university museums and historical archive

All University libraries offer:

  •  loan service with access by booking
  •  consultation service with access by booking


Information and bibliographic consultation services are still supplied remotely by mail and chat. All the details are available on libraries websites. 


The Historical Archive is open to the public with access by booking. Follow the instructions published on the Historical Archive website.

Access to Palazzo degli Istituti anatomici museums (Anatomy Museum, Lombroso Museum, Fruit Museum) follows national rules:

  • if Piedmont is in “zona gialla”, they are opened
  • if Piedmont is in “zona arancione o rossa”, they are closed

Check access modes on websites: and


Missions must be limited only to those deemed necessary only, verifying from time to time the rules on movements according to the Country.

Follow the indications for travel abroad from Farnesina for abroad missions.

Follow strictly the operational instructions given by Regione Piemonte when re-entering, the instructions are on Coronavirus - Rientro in Italia dall'estero: istruzioni operative page.

Departmental, School, technical and scientific, degree programmes, all the University commitees related meetings

All in presence activities are suspended. It’s recommended that all other meetings are held remotely too.

Events and conferences

All face-to-face cultural, scientific and education events (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.) are suspended.

Public selection procedures

Public selection procedures gradually restart in face-to-face mode.

UniTO staff activities and training

Technical and administrative staff gradually restart activities in presence from 31th May 2021. Face-to-face work will restart following the monthly plans created by each University organization (management offices, Departments, Centers). The plans take into account the type of activities, they also include remote working, but with a limit of 50% of working time.

UniTO staff training

Face to face training activities are suspended.