The Rector’s welcome message

With over 75,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and more than 3,800 academic and administrative staff, the University of Turin (UniTO) in north-west Italy is one of the country’s largest and most prestigious universities.
The University, founded in 1404, provides quality higher education and research opportunities; many UniTo graduates have achieved international renown.
Today, UniTo offers around 150 undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in almost every field of study. A growing number of courses are taught in English, and Italian language tuition is available for incoming students.
The University’s 27 departments offer excellent opportunities for Italian and non-Italian academic staff; 1 doctoral school provide 35 doctoral programmes.
International and local funding programmes, both public and private, support the University’s commitment to innovation and research.
UniTo is extremely aware of its role in the local community, and promotes transfer of research results to industry through patent licensing and spin-offs, respecting economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Over 4,800 international students and more than 500 agreements with other universities worldwide enhance UniTo’s international dimension.
Students and academic staff can make use of 34 libraries with over 2 million books, the Botanic Gardens, and a number of university museums; university accommodation, eating places, and sports facilities are well situated.
Turin is a lively, people-oriented city, and boasts a wide variety of cultural resources: historic buildings, world-class museums and galleries, and numerous exhibitions and fairs. The city’s parks and 2 rivers together with the nearby mountains and lakes provide a great leisure environment.